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How to Chose the Right Window Treatments

window treatments


It is important to think about what type of look you are trying to create when picking your window treatments. There are many styles to choose from: Traditional, Contemporary, Country, Eclectic, Rustic, Art Deco, Whimsical, Modern, Oriental, Classical and many more.
Color is just as important as Style, and there is much to consider there as well. You can choose from warm earth tones to cool shades of color with rich vibrant hues and tones in many different patterns.
Other things to consider should be:


  • Privacy- If it’s a bedroom or bathroom privacy will be more of a concern and you may want to consider a window treatment that is private.
  • Light Control- Chose a louvered window blind such as a horizontal blind or vertical blind if you want to be able to adjust the amount of light you desire. While shades are good for privacy, there is no light control as they are either up or down.
  • Your Space- What will it be used for? Work, entertaining, relaxation, formal or informal, etc.
  • The View- Is it a window that the view is important? If so consider a window treatment like a pleated or cellular shade, as they stack up the tightest, leaving most of the window exposed when up.
  • Exposure- Is the window a western exposure? If so the room could heat up in the evening or it could fade your furnishings. Window treatments that offer complete room darkening are better for these windows.
  • Energy Efficiency- Cellular shades are a perfect choice for keeping the room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer because of their R-Value.
  • Safety- Children and pets should be considered as well. You may want to consider a cordless window blind.
  • Access- If it’s a sliding door that will get used often you want to consider something that can be easily drawn back like a vertical blind.
  • Cleaning- If it’s a large window that the treatment will have to be raised to clean, you may want to consider a lighter window treatment such as a window shade instead of a wood blind that can be harder to lift.
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